Dirty Squirrel of the Year – 2010

Puritan Cleaners awards Thomas Neal Dirty Squirrel of the Year The Richmond Flying Squirrels, an Eastern League double A baseball team has ended their inaugural season. And what a great season it was!   As the official dry cleaner of the Flying Squirrels, Puritan Cleaners sponsors the Dirty Squirrel of the Game award to recognize the extra effort of individuals to make a play during each game. At the end of the season, the Puritan Cleaners Dirty Squirrel of the Year is awarded to a player that shows exceptional hustle all year long and doesn’t mind getting a little dirt on his uniform to make plays.

In recognition of his achievement, Puritan Cleaners is proud to honor the Richmond Flying Squirrels’ Thomas Neal as the winner of the Puritan Cleaners ‘Dirty Squirrel of the Year’. Thomas’ great hustle all year long has made him a real fan favorite. Thomas received $100 cash and a $100 gift certificate from Puritan Cleaners.

Puritan Cleaners Dirty Squirrel of the Game logo

Thomas barely beat out Darren Ford for the honor, with Conor Gillaspie, Clay Timpner, and Brandon Belt rounding out the top five Dirtiest Squirrels this season. Congratulations to the Flying Squirrels for a great inaugural season, and we can’t wait until next year.

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