Wedding Bells in The Future?

Source: via Puritan Cleaners on Pinterest Have you scheduled your wedding photo shoot yet? If so, be sure to arrange for your wedding dress to be cleaned and ready for the wedding day. We’re ready to help with cleaning, pressing and last minute alterations for everyone in the wedding party. Want to preserve your […]

Post-holiday Sweet Spots?

Did you try to play it safe this year with white wine and spritzers only to find nasty stains and marks on your nice clothes after the party? Those sugary spills soak into the fabric and, when cleaned, take the dye right out with them. Or, if not cleaned right away, caramelize into dark spots […]

Laundry Line: To Bleach or Not to Bleach

Have you made the switch to oxygen-bleach products for your laundry yet? You may think conventional chlorine bleach is whitening, but if the water is not hot enough, the bleach is only weakening fibers. Old-fashioned bleach requires substantial heat to activate and brighten. The new oxy products work even in cold water and get your […]