Hello Spring

Hello Spring! If you’re ready to store away your winter clothing for another year, be sure that’s everything’s clean. Even minor splashes and spills will oxidize and discolor over time. Body oils, perspiration and food or beverage stains can attract insect damage. After cleaning, store everything in garment storage bags that allow your clothes to breathe, and keep stored clothing […]

Winter Hazard Warning

Deicing products, like salt, are a welcome relief from slippery sidewalks and driveways. But when salty slush and water splash on your clothes, the chemical solution can pull color, leave rings and create permanent stains on your winter clothing and shoes. Before your snow-spattered trousers, skirt, outerwear or UGGs show the signs of damage, bring them in for prompt […]

Choosing and Caring for Down Comforters

Choosing a Down Comforter Although cleaning down items usually is not a problem, a comforter with poor construction and insufficient quilting can cause the down to shift, lose shape, or become matted. Inspect the comforter for these things before purchasing: Quilting – Quilting stitches should run both vertically and horizontally with quilting lines about 8–10 […]