Kids Helping Kids – Clover Hill Elementary Donates Coats For Kids

The Coats For Kids crew visits Clover Hill Elementary for the first time, and the school really came through. They have one of the best first-time coat drives of any school in our program.

Kids Helping Kids – Winterpock Elementary School Donates Coats For Kids

The Puritan Cleaners Coats For Kids crew and Juan Conde visited Winterpock Elementary to pick up a huge pile of coats. Winterpock is consistently one of our best school partners in the Coats For Kids program.

Kids Helping Kids – Tuckahoe Middle School Donates Coats for Kids

Puritan Cleaners’ Norman Way visits Tuckahoe Middle School, where the students there collected well over 300 coats. This is one of the best ‘first efforts’ we’ve ever had for Coats For Kids, and we congratulate the teachers, kids, and parents on their outstanding support. Thanks!