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Gary Glover

Gary Glover

Puritan Cleaners is a locally owned and operated dry cleaner in Richmond, Virginia. The company began in 1937 and has 13 locations throughout the greater Richmond area, as well as Free Home Delivery/Pick-up service in many neighborhoods.

Puritan Cleaners has been named Best Dry Cleaner in Richmond for 20 consecutive years, has earned the Award of Excellence for quality garment cleaning and customer service from the Clothing Care Council, as well as earning recognition for recycling and community service.

And as Gary Glover, third generation dry cleaner and President/CEO of Puritan Cleaners states: “Our philosophy is very simple. We provide our customers with convenient, high quality cleaning at a reasonable price… we guarantee it, in fact. We live by this statement: It’s Right, It’s Ready, Or It’s Free. It really is that simple.”

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