Sweater Care – Part 2

Hanging your sweaters on a hanger or hook will leave them droopy, sagging, and out of shape. Instead, fold and store in a drawer. If you must hang your sweaters, fold them in half over a cardboard-crossbar hanger (like we do). We can block your sweaters back to shape when we finish them, and our gentle cleaning […]

Sweater Care

As the weather cools, the popularity of sweaters increases. Simple at-home care will keep your knits looking fresh. Remove lint and pet hairs by wrapping your hand with tape, sticky side out. Use your sticky hand, or a lint roller, for a clean look. Pills are removed with a pumice stone, scissors or simply shave them off with a razor. […]

Leopards Have Spots, Your Clothes Shouldn’t

Lunch – getting a bite to eat and washing it down with a favorite drink. Then drip drip. Sauce, soda, or salad dressing goes right down the front. In today’s fast paced, eat-on-the-run life, keeping our favorite garments spot and stain free can sometimes be a daunting task. Whether it’s that favorite silk blouse, Polo […]