Winter Hazard Warning

Deicing products, like salt, are a welcome relief from slippery sidewalks and driveways. But when salty slush and water splash on your clothes, the chemical solution can pull color, leave rings and create permanent stains on your winter clothing and shoes. Before your snow-spattered trousers, skirt, outerwear or UGGs show the signs of damage, bring them in for prompt […]

Sweater Care – Part 2

Hanging your sweaters on a hanger or hook will leave them droopy, sagging, and out of shape. Instead, fold and store in a drawer. If you must hang your sweaters, fold them in half over a cardboard-crossbar hanger (like we do). We can block your sweaters back to shape when we finish them, and our gentle cleaning […]

Sweater Care

As the weather cools, the popularity of sweaters increases. Simple at-home care will keep your knits looking fresh. Remove lint and pet hairs by wrapping your hand with tape, sticky side out. Use your sticky hand, or a lint roller, for a clean look. Pills are removed with a pumice stone, scissors or simply shave them off with a razor. […]