Priority Club – What’s the Benefit?

If you’ve been to our website ( or in our stores, you may have seen those bright yellow bags labeled Priority Club.  So what exactly is Priority Club, and what are the benefits?

Puritan Cleaners Priority Club is a service that we make available to all of our customers that allows us to process your dry cleaning order more quickly.  Some of the benefits include:

Priority Club Bag
Faster drop off and pick up – when you enroll in Priority Club, we create an account with some basic information including name, phone number, and your cleaning preferences (like getting your shirts back either on hangers or folded, no starch, etc.).   We then provide you with those Priority Club bags free of charge.  Each bag has a luggage tag with your account and preferences so that when you fill it up, you just bring it in and drop it off.  No fuss, no waiting. (click this link if you’d like to join Priority Club)

Autocharge – if you’d like even faster pick up, you can put your credit card on your Priority Club account.  After you’ve dropped off your garments with your Priority Club bag and we’ve checked them in, your order is automatically charged to your credit card on file.  When you come to pick up your clean garments, you don’t have to wait for the order to be tendered. Just grab and go.

Puritan Cleaners Birthday Email Free Cleaning on your Birthday! – When you sign up for Priority Club, give us your birthday (just the month and day) and we’ll make sure you get an in-store credit automatically applied to your account for free cleaning the month of your birthday, as well as a birthday card sent by email or mailed to your address.


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