Choosing a Wedding Gown (Part 1)

It’s June and Wedding season is upon us!  So we thought we’d share some tips to consider when choosing a wedding gown:

Bridal gowns can be new, they can be second or third-generation — handed down from mom or grandma — or they can be secondhand, from a boutique or resale shop. The question is how to proceed in choosing a bridal gown.  Here are some helpful gown choosing tips.

New Gowns

Selecting a new bridal gown is a freewheeling experience. There are no rules.

  • You can shop at bridal boutiques, specialty boutiques within a department store, and couture dress shops that offer designer gowns.
  • If you choose a new gown, then you will have fewer issues to consider and your “support group” will likely be the people at the bridal boutique or possibly an outside dressmaker and, of course, your mother!
  • A new gown should have a care label that gives a preferred method of cleaning. Care of the gown may be the furthest thing from your mind at this point, as you haven’t even been married yet. However, it is important to read the care label as you shop, and certainly before you buy.
  • Some labels state that the gown must be sent to a P.O box in another state for cleaning. Some state that it can only be cleaned by one drycleaner. And it may not be yours! If you have questions, call your drycleaner before you buy.

Secondhand or Heirloom Gowns

If you want to wear a gown that has been in your family for generations, you can do so. Or perhaps you would like to wear a friend’s gown or one from a secondhand store. All of these are good avenues to explore.

  • If you choose to wear an older gown, then you will most likely need some outside assistance from a dressmaker and a restoration specialist such as your drycleaner. This decision is worth thinking about because it is often a very personal one.
  • Older gowns offer many options with regard to fabrics and styles and at a reasonable price.


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