Washable silk’s short life

Watch out for this season’s “washable silks” with cotton lining. The cotton lining in “washable silk” holds moisture that can speed up deterioration and loss of wear-ability in the silk in as little as one washing. Wondering why the designer chose the combo? The cotton lining gives the garment a sturdier form for the design

Silk fabric is delicate and prone to losing shape and color in water. Check the care label carefully, as silk requires delicate handling and dry cleaning is recommended. Silk may be hand washed with a mild detergent like Woolite, but remember not to wring the silk item as it will damage the fabric and never dry silk fabrics in a dryer.  Stains from deodorant or perspiration require professional care to prevent damage.

When considering a silk garment, consider one without a cotton lining, and get it professionally cleaned for longer life and wear-ability.

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