Getting To Know Us – Debbie Oldham

This is Debbie Oldham, Store Manager at our Southshore store on Hull Street Rd. in Midlothian.  Debbie has been with us for 33 years (wow!) and started as a Customer Service Representative at our Staples Mill Rd. location.  Debbie has worked at many of our store locations over the years, including our drive through location on Midlothian Turnpike.

We asked Debbie a few questions so you could get to know her better and here’s what she said:

Tell us a little about yourself. “I am married and have a beautiful daughter, and love spending time with my family.  I also love bowling with my friends.”

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? “I think I’d like to go to Australia.”

Who is your personal hero? “My parents are my heroes, especially my dad, who taught me to tell the truth, to let the Lord love me, and to care about people.”

What is your favorite thing about Puritan Cleaners? “My favorite thing about Puritan Cleaners are my customers. I love them and like to make them feel like they are family.  The other favorite thing about Puritan is Gary Glover.  He is so caring and considerate to me, and has been there for me when I really needed it most in my life.”

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