Don’t Let Your Clothes Get You Wrinkled

Man-wearing-casual-shirt-000028456904_SmallMany of today’s garments are touted as wrinkle-free, but if they aren’t treated right they can still get wrinkles.  To keep all your garments looking fresh with fewer wrinkles, keep these tips in mind:

  • Don’t overload the washer or dryer with too many clothes.  They won’t get as clean as they should, and they won’t have enough room to move, leaving them wrinkled in the dryer.
  • Pull them out of the dryer and hang them or fold them as soon as that dryer buzzer sounds.  Leaving them to cool in the dryer can cause unwanted wrinkles.

To get those unwanted wrinkles out, use a water bottle to spray them lightly with water (just a spritz) and put the garment back in the dryer for a few minutes, or hang the garment in a steamy bathroom just long enough for the wrinkles to fall away.

To save the most time and keep your favorite garments looking newer longer, not to mention wrinkle-free, find a quality local dry cleaner like Puritan Cleaners and take advantage of our Free Home Delivery and Pick-up service to your front door.

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