November: Coats for Kids

Our Coats for Kids program is a labor of love for our team of over 170 employees. Every year since 1988 kind people in our community have donated coats of all shapes and sizes at their neighborhood Puritan Cleaners. 

Every November, in addition to cleaning and pressing thousands of garments, our team stays late and comes in on the weekends to fill the washers with coats of all colors and sizes. Each one goes through careful inspection, cleaning, stain removal and pressing as needed to ensure each recipient can feel proud to wear a beautiful warm coat that was thoughtfully donated to them. 

A gently used coat being donated by a family at a Puritan Cleaners location.Our Customer Service team loves seeing families come into our stores to donate coats together. We are in such a unique spot – we get to see the story from beginning to end. We see the smiling faces of the friendly people who reached in their closet to help, we see the hard work of our production team, the loving care that goes into each coat, the volunteers (clients and team members) who help sort and decorate the “store front” at the Salvation Army Christmas Distribution Center where families shop at no charge, and finally those faces filled with joy that their families will be warm this winter. 

We love visiting schools who help us outfit our littlest neighbors with hand-me-down coats, we love having fun with our friends at the Flying Squirrels Ballpark Warming Party – the first event the team ever had in Richmond. We love seeing our community come into our stores – offices dropping off coats they’ve collected together. It’s all part of the magic of Coats for Kids. It’s part of the magic of the Greater Richmond community. 

For more on the program, events or how to get involved, visit:

Volunteers standing with beautifully arranges coats at the Salvation Army Christmas Distribution Center

Coats that have been cleaned and are ready for families in need..


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